What is Refinable ($FINE) Refine Coin NFT Marketplace

Refine Coin

Refinable Refine Coin became a reality. Refinable is a blockchain-based NFT marketplace that allows users to produce, find, trade, and utilize any digital property. The platform is decentralized and non-custodial, allowing any user or business to experiment with NFT content and monetize it! Collectibles, gaming items, digital artwork, unique files, domains, event tickets, lottery tickets, and a variety of other products are examples of these goods. Refinable aims to disrupt the present business by offering a far more dependable method of transaction that can be used by any transacting group. And the team of Refinable aims to build the most ensured and reliable marketplace for limited digital goods.

What makes it Different:

Refinable, which is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), would let everyone benefit from the tremendous potential of NFTs by allowing anyone to create, find, and trade them. Refinable is also the first hub built on BSC, allowing users to take advantage of BSC’s cutting-edge technologies to better leverage NFTs.

Some advantages include:

  • By Design, scarcity is rare.
  • Customize distribution
  • Agonistic Content
  • Decentralized trade
  • Administration of Community
  • Low fees for Transaction

Scarcity: Every piece of material has a known circulating supply, thanks to the protocol. Surprisingly, the platform allows content access from other NFT-based decentralized networks that are supported.

Customization: Refinable allows producers and users with shops on the platform to create customized distributions. Conducting a free airdrop for trusted customers and making the products available through a one-click purchase procedure are examples of customizations.

Agonistic Content: The project accepts a wide range of content types, including domain names, artwork, and 2D/3D formats. As a result, it becomes a one-stop-shop for NFT fans.

Decentralized trade: Refinable conducts all of its operations on the blockchain, ensuring that all procedures are secure through the use of high-quality smart contracts.

Administration of Community: Users of the protocol are allowed in the process of decisions.

Low Fees: By working on BSC the project can offer minimum transaction costs without sacrificing speed.

Who’s Behind Refinable

The Refinable protocol is backed by a staff with considerable expertise in a variety of sectors. Nicholas Chan, for example, has six years of experience managing operations for SMEs and corporations in the e-commerce, media, and hotel industries.

Another team member, Maxim Geerinck, has almost nine years of experience as a software developer. He had worked for Ernst & Young and other businesses in the digital currency market before joining Refinable.

Jonas Snellinckx, a full-stack software guru, Nick Au, a former tax specialist with KPMG, and Albert Chan, a famous blockchain programmer and the winner of the EOS Global Hackathon in 2018, are among the other noteworthy figures supporting the NFT project.

Mr. Beast, a prominent YouTuber with over 55 million subscribers, and Binance are among its main investors.

Key Refinable Partnerships and Moments

Refinable and Tooniplay – Refinable partnered with Tooniplay in March 2021 to create licensed non-fungible tokens. Users of Refinable will be able to access unique licensed material from the Korean gaming and media firm as a result of the agreement.

Refinable and Cinchblock – To provide marketing services, the NFT protocol collaborated with Cinchblock, a renowned business specializing in blockchain marketing. Marketing efforts, in particular, involve extensive instructional resources.

Refinable and Polkastarter – This isn’t a collaboration. Refinable’s inaugural decentralized offering was instead hosted by Polkastarter (IDO).

Refinable and PancakeSwap – By listing its FINE token on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange powered by BSC, the NFT protocol connected to the DeFi network. The inaugural coin trading price was $0.033.

Refinable and Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) – GBV, one of Asia’s biggest investment firms, invested in the NFT project in April 2021. The NFT platform is “uniquely positioned to capture a large market need for a trustworthy, user-friendly retail trading platform for restricted digital goods,” according to GBV, which announced the investment.

The Fine (Refinable)Token

Refine Coin

Let’s take a closer look at the FINE tokens now that we’ve covered the characteristics. The native and fungible FINE tokens will regulate and sustain Refinable. The coin will serve as a utility as well as a governance token. As a result, holders of the FINE token can benefit from a wide range of perks simply by holding a certain number of FINE tokens.

Users may also earn FINE tokens for contributing bi-weekly to the platform. Every two weeks, a certain number of FINE tokens will be distributed to the platform’s most active creators and traders. To ensure a wider distribution of tokens across the community, there will be a predetermined cap on how much FINE is granted to each user every batch. A Treasury Fund and Reserve are also in place. As a result, the Treasury Fund will be in charge of supporting all development efforts, such as feature development, marketing incentives, cross-app integrations, affiliate incentives, and so on.

Refine Coin Distribution

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